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PREVO | Play your dreams

PREVO brings you a powerful mindset guidance system. You target your dreams. We help you rock them like never before - in a brand new way.Have you ever heard the phrase, "90% of success is mental"? PREVO offers a way to actually train for that! Whether you're athlete or entrepreneur; professional or life-hacker, corporate climber or life change survivor – it's a brand new way to Get WHAT YOU REALLY WANT, from yourself, your work, and from life!

 PREVO was founded in 2004, by Colleen Kelley. But her mindset mission began 20 years earlier, in New Zealand. Kelley ran the adventure travel office for Walter Romanes, a climbing buddy of Sir Edmund Hilllary. After one of her friends suggested she compete in the fledgling sport of triathlon, she actually landed a spot in Ironman Kona. Kelley began running after work on the deserted roads near her home at Maraetai beach - 45 minutes from downtown Auckland.  But one dark night she was ambushed. Two thugs in masks appeared out of nowhere, and in a flash tried to snatch her. Instinct took over and she bolted into run-for-your-life mode, for two miles until she reached the lights of town. The ambush spooked her off night training, and threatened her Ironman Kona dream. Desperate to continue building mileage for Ironman's marathon, a radical idea emerged: train only inside your mind. Kelley used mindset training to replace actual road workouts. And at Kona in October, she ran the first 10 miles of the marathon at the fastest pace she'd ever run. It worked! A run-for-your-life moment sparked the fire of a soul mission; and, it pushed her in a powerful new direction she would've otherwise missed or resisted.

Fast forward to 2004. After a return to the states, after a journalism degree (BSJ), and after a decade-long stint as an award-winning marketing director - Kelley turned her mindset training experience into a side-gig called, Private Revolutions. She certified in the latest training techniques and ran one-on-one performance coaching online and in her home studio.

Athletes & professionals love the "stealth mode" of interacting with a mindset coach online. Matt Cooke is open about mindset training. After working with Kelley, he won the King of the Mountain overall race jersey in the week-long 2013 US Pro Cycling Challenge, which that year included Tour de France cycling legends Chris Froome and Peter Sagan.

Formerly known as private REVOLUTIONS, PREVO has moved back from Colorado, to the foothills of Salt Lake City. It's still headed by Colleen Kelley - with the support of XCL Sports founder Wendy Bangerter, along with a far-flung team of coders, strategic alliances and beta testers. 

Prevo brings you Mindset Bootcamp, 6-week online training groups hosted in our exclusive "Mindset & Metrics" online platform. The password-protected setting gives you a way to play your dreams like a game, score & win. You keep your goals private, while sharing the journey with other campers. Look for news of upcoming launch this fall, on the PREVO Facebook  and Twitter, pages - as we complete beta testing and polish the platform for you.

Or, GO BIG ALONE right now - with a custom personal journey, called a Private Revolution. You get an online program tailored for your personal dreams, style, and timeline. It's private. It's revolutionary. And it works.

For more information, or to discuss professional development ideas for your business, or sports team programs - please email info@iprevo.com.

 PREVO | Play your dreams


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